We focus on production of bricks with the highest strength. Our bricks are marked as F2 and have more than 50 freezing cycles.
Stable pavement has acid resistance certificate.
In our stock of products are bricks in large scale of sizes. We make full bricks of atypical scales.
Our products match frost resistance requirements and some are resistant against agresivev substances.
We are able to create bricks of non-standard scales, even of bigger or smaller sizes. These are used with reconstructions of monument preserved buildings.
The example if brick with the name Šancovka with high strength which had perfect use in reconstruction of national monument in Terezín.


VWe value the cooperation with every customer. Our most valued asset is flexibility.
In reality this means – from the time when the product is placed in production it is ready in 9 days for distribution. Any format which is made regularly.